Team workshops

Let's change it offers several dynamic workshops to develop high performing teams.


Do you want your team to say goodbye to its comfort zone? Experiment, reflect and learn more? Let's change it can organise a modular workshop tailored to the needs of the team. Co-creating new ways of working, discovering team values, building trust, sustaining feedback as a healthy habit; these can all be ingredients for a fun day full of energy.


Team workshops are often a part of team coaching, but of course you can also contact Ella to talk about your workshop goals.  

Innovation kickstarter

Let's change it offers an innovation kickstarter. Together we determine what you need to start your innovative project.


This can include:

  • defining your product or development chain
  • developing a way of working
  • starting cocreation with your customers
  • selecting and starting a project, analysis - or development team
  • organising a hackathon or design sprint
  • designing a high level solution for a digital product
  • discovering your brand in a workshop
  • writing a business case
  • stakeholder mapping workshop
  • creating a portfolio - or feature map for your product


Let's exchange thoughts about your wishes!